ARC General Rules & Conditions

  1. Competitions will be run under British Dressage, BSJA or British Riding Club Rules (Hunter Trials & Horse Trials) as appropriate, except where varied in the schedule. Venue rules and regulations apply at all times. Making an entry will be construed as acceptance of these Rules and Event Rules.

  2. Disclaimer of Liability. The Organisers or Landowners shall not be liable for any claim for accident, loss or damage to competitors, onlookers, horses or any other animals, vehicles, property, equipment or any other item however caused. Competitors are to satisfy themselves they have assessed the risk factor in competing in the event. It is a condition of entry that each participant will satisfy themselves as to their own ability and that of their horse to ride safely and indemnify the organisers against any accident or loss, however caused.

  3. Health & Safety. Precautions will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all persons present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and to obey the instruction of the Organisers, event stewards and officials. Horses/ponies must not be tied up outside boxes/trailers and left unattended or tied up to any fences. If any horse/pony has been in contact with any infectious disease it should not attend any events until it is certain that all risk of contamination has passed. All horse attending should have an up to date Flu Vaccination.

  4. The decision of the judges is final. Any objection must be made in writing to the Secretary within 15 minutes of the class having been judged together with a deposit of £10, returnable if the objection is sustained.

  5. Abuse. Any person, whether competitor, family or friend, found to be abusive to any judges, organisers or stewards will be reported to the relevant riding club and Area officials. The competitor could be eliminated and all parties could be asked to leave the showground or venue. Remember all officials and stewards are volunteers.

  6. Correct dress must be worn in all classes, clinics and training. Hats conforming to the 2023 Hat Tagging Guide, Hats must be worn at all times when mounted, with the harness properly adjusted and fastened. The headgear must have a retaining harness secured to the shell at more than two points. Only a “Jockey Skull” of an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, having no peak or peak type extensions may be worn for any Cross Country phase. Noticeable protuberances above the eyes or to the front, not greater than 5 mm. smooth and rounded in nature are permitted. A removable hat cover with a light flexible peak may be used. Riders’ hair must be neatly and firmly secured so it is no longer than shoulder length and longer hair to be secured in a hairnet. Body Protectors, are obligatory for cross country competitions/clinics and recommended for grid work/show jumping. Hybrid Air Jackets or Blouson Air Jackets are permitted, but must be worn over the permitted Level 3 Body Protector. Medical armbands must be worn for cross country. The use of HEAD CAMS is strictly prohibited at any BRC affiliated or club competition. This includes use on the head, chest, bridle or any other part of the horse or rider.

  7. No horse or ponies under the age of 4 years may compete in any ridden class. Only horses and ponies competing in the event may be ridden on the showground or at the clinic venue.

  8. Stallions. Stallions must wear a Stallion Disc on their bridles and the correct coloured ribbon fixed in their tails, (red, white & blue). No person shall allow a stallion for which he, she or they are responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete in any competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure other members of the public are not put at risk of injury.

  9. The Organisers reserve the right to alter any part of the schedule at any time or to refuse any entry without giving a reason.

  10. If you need to contact the organiser of an event, unless very urgent, please phone between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. ONLY.

  11. In the event of cancellation of a show, entries fees less 15% will be returned within one month of the event. If the event is run but altered to allow for adverse weather conditions no refunds will be given. In all other cases entries will only be refunded on the production of a vet’s or doctor’s certificate.

  12. For clinics there will be not be any First Aid cover supplied by Ardingly Riding Club beyond that provided by the Instructor taking the clinic. A mobile phone will be available to call an ambulance if required. By submitting the booking form you agree to accept these risks.

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