British Riding Club Information & Forms

In order to enter British Riding Clubs’ Championships, Qualifiers and Competitions, we have to abide by their rules, especially in respect to ‘Hat Standards’ and ‘Body Protector Standards’.

Below you will find links to both these standard guidelines.
ther British Riding Club forms that you may require are also listed

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Qualifier Entry Forms

2023 - Area Entry Forms

  • Arena Eventing Qualifier

  • Novice Winter Qualifier

  • Intermediate Winter Qualifier

  • Combined Training Qualifier

  • Combined Challenge Qualifier

All completed area entry forms are to be sent to the relevant area organiser.

Combined the BRC Rulebook, Organiser's Book and Affiliation Pack

The 2023 Handbook is available to download

BRC Rule amendments and changes

On occasion, BRC may make a rule change after printing the current rule book. Any significant rule amendments and changes will be periodically updated with a date at the top showing when the document was changed, and will be available to download below: